New Traditional Of Kemuning Tea (Gambyong Tea)

Green Tea Kemuning
140 gram
Rp.20.000 (20k)

Ginger Tea Kemuning
140 gram
Rp. 20.000,- (20k)

Black Tea Kemuning
140 gram
Rp.18.000 (18k)

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The Benefits of Green Coffee

Although there is little research on the benefits of Green Coffee, but some evidence suggests that Green Coffee has many health benefits for the body, especially as slimming.Based on the data that has been done by researchers, found that green coffee extract is more effective for weight loss than placebo. the research must be done on the benefits of green coffee. in research conducted by the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates that the compound is present in green coffee may protect the body from gaining weight, because it can combat the growing fat. in addition, is also very good for the liver and fat metabolism.

The Benefits of Green Coffee

The following are the benefits of green coffee:
  • Useful in combating free radicals
  • Acting as a painkiller especially for migraine
  • reduce the risk of diabetes
  • helps the body to burn body fat

I hope this article can be beneficial to all readers, thanks. I love Coffee

Coffee In a Cup Of Green

Today I use a lot of time to relax with a cup of coffee in green. When the time is suitable hostile enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks. Strong winds, cold air and less friendly just made me sit in front of the computer where I work. I though written many articles about the coffee, but I do not really like the coffee, because too much is not good for health. Only for a moment. too much coffee will make our stomach bloating. I like the coffee it was short lived, where I needed when weather conditions are cold and unfriendly. Currently in Indonesia is experiencing a rainy season, and where I live in the area of the mountain made me linger to enjoy a coffee and a blanket while looking natural outdoors. 

Sunday morning it was raining. with a coffe I get so cozy atmosphere and quiet. lazy holiday. with a cup of coffee in green. the rain did not stop until night, and accompanied by strong winds caused me to rest at home. better than too long activities outside the home with a long time. cold air and makes you drowsy. just a cup of coffee in green glass is my friend today.